Social Media Risks for Personal Injury Clients

Social media has made itself an integral part of most people lives. Whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or Twitter, social media is a huge platform for many people’s personal and professional lives. Unfortunately, because these social media platforms are so common, many people post to them without thinking about the unexpected effects their posting may have on their personal and professional lives or even a legal case. For those who have been in an accident and are pursuing a personal injury lawsuit, social media can be your worst nightmare and poses great risks for personal injury attorneys. If you or a loved one have been injured at the fault of another and are considering a personal injury claim, contact an experienced Maryland personal injury attorney to help you with your case.

Social Media Risks

Studies conducted by The Pew Research Center show that over 70% of people within the United States utilize some platform of social media. This includes people of all races and ethnicities, old and young, rich and poor. Unfortunately, when you have a personal injury claim, this could pose a huge problem. Most insurance companies have insurance defense attorneys who search social media looking for information to gather in a claim against you in the event you decide to pursue a personal injury lawsuit. If information that could be used against you is found, many courts have found that these writings are admissible in court and can be used against you because any posting can be deemed as waiving your attorney client confidentiality.

It is important to know that comments that people make on your social media accounts can also be evidence used against you in a personal injury claim. Lastly, it is important to note that insurance companies and their defense attorneys look to see if you are engaged in your regular activities, if you have shared information about your personal injury claim, or if you are or have been engaged in activities that could aggravate your injuries. Again, this information could pose a potential risk to you and your personal injury claim and result in you not being compensated for the injuries you sustained in an accident.

Need Legal Advice?

Social media can be fun and exciting to use. It allows you to keep in contact with people who you generally would not keep in contact with, and to share ideas and photos with people who may or may not think like you. However, social media also allows the world to have access to you and anything that you choose to post on your accounts; if you are a personal injury client, then this could be a potential hazard. Because of this, speaking with an experienced Maryland personal injury attorney at Hassan, Hassan & Tuchman, PA can be in your best interest if you are thinking of pursuing a persona injury claim against someone who has caused you injury. Contact our office today for a consultation.