Side Impact Car Accidents in Baltimore

Man of Maryland’s roads were recently paralyzed by multiple motor vehicle accidents that occurred on a single day, according to a WDEL May 2017 article. Several vehicle accidents turned a normal Wednesday a deadly one. A chain reaction motor vehicle crash happened in Arundel County around 1:30 p.m. Not far away, a vehicle hit another one head-on while traveling westbound in the eastbound lanes of Route 50.

Another two-vehicle crash happened on northbound Interstate 495. One driver in the accident allegedly failed to notice a disabled Mack trash hauler and struck it. Her vehicle was lodged underneath the truck for a short time.

In another accident near Delaware, a driver allegedly failed to yield to oncoming traffic. The driver of an Eclipse allegedly struck another vehicle, a 2011 Chevrolet Silverado, on its left and rear sides. The Eclipse was also broadsided by another vehicle that attempted to avoid the accident.

What is a Side Impact Accident in Baltimore?

A side impact accident, also called a broadside or T-bone accident, occurs when one vehicle hits another on its side. The impact of such an accident can cause serious injuries to the driver and/or passengers depending on which side the accident occurs.

Aside from head-on collision accidents, side impact accidents are often the most devastating. The sides of a motor vehicle often have little to no physical protection. Thus, there is no cushion between the driver or passenger and the impact or another object striking the vehicle.

A Side Impact Accident in Baltimore can be Caused by Many Different Things

When filing a side impact accident claim in Baltimore, a victim needs to show a lot of things to be successful. One thing a victim will need to show is how the accident happened. A side impact accident may happen in any of the following situations:

  • The at-fault driver ran a red light or tried to run a red light or stop sign
  • The at-fault driver made a left turn and T-boned the victim’s vehicle
  • The at-fault driver pulled into oncoming traffic and hit the side of the victim’s vehicle

Let Hassan, Hassan & Tuchman, PA Represent You in Your Baltimore Side Impact Accident Lawsuit

The driver who injured you was most likely negligent. The driver may have violated a traffic law or failed to act as another driver would have in the same and/or similar situation. The problems are that you were injured and now have damages like lost wages, medical bills, vehicle and property damage, and pain and suffering.

Seek the help of experienced personal injury attorneys for legal representation right away. Whether you want to settle a claim or pursue your rights in court, you have the right to do so. You also have the right to access a tough legal team ready to fight for you. Contact us today for help.