Medication Errors

Anyone who has ever gotten a prescription from a doctor knows that doctors are said to have the worst handwriting. Though this is often times considered a joke, it is a joke that can come back to haunt you. As a patient, you expect that when a doctor writes you a prescription, you are able to take it to a pharmacy, receive your medication, and hopefully your condition will improve upon taking the medication. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and there are times in which your pharmacist or doctor makes medication errors that can fatally impact your life. When this happens and an injury occurs, you need an attorney to act on your behalf. If you or a loved one has been injured due to a medication error, it is in your best interest to seek an experienced Maryland medical malpractice attorney to review your case and help you strategize about the best possible outcomes for your case.

Medication Error is Malpractice

Throughout the United States, approximately 400,000 injuries occur annually as a result of medication errors. If it can be proven that your doctor or pharmacist acted negligently, you may have a medical malpractice claim. In Maryland, the most common types of medication errors and mistakes occur due to:

  • Being prescribed the wrong medication
  • Improper medication combinations
  • Drug name mix-ups
  • Handwriting errors
  • Allergic reaction to a specific or combined medication
  • Adverse effects of medication

If these medication errors or mistakes occurs and you can show that the doctor or pharmacist acted negligently by showing that there was a failure to act with ordinary care and skill of someone in that profession, within the same geographic region, when dealing with a prescription for a patient similar to yourself, then a medical malpractice claim is viable. When this occurs, you need someone who is going to fight on your behalf.

Need Legal Advice?

If you were injured due to being prescribed the wrong medication or taking the wrong dosage of medication, then you are likely dealing with pain and suffering, mental issues, and financial harm, and you deserve to be compensated for whatever injury you have sustained as a result of such negligence. Because of this, if you or a loved one was injured due to a medication error or mistake, it is in your best interest to see seek an experienced Maryland medical malpractice attorney to help you navigate through the medical malpractice process. Contact an experienced attorney at Hassan, Hassan & Tuchman, PA to help you determine whether you have a case and to strategize about the best possible outcomes. Contact our office today.